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Urban Environments To Inspire Richer Auto Colors, BASF Report Says

SOUTHFIELD, Michigan — The future automotive color palette will feature deep reds, radiant golds, sparkling silvers and rich shades of blue, all inspired by the revitalization of urban environments, according to the BASF Color Collection 2015-2016 report.

The report should help car shoppers who are wondering about which current colors may boost their vehicle's resale value in the future.

The richer hues were drawn from a BASF visit to Detroit.

"The BASF global designers met in Detroit in 2014 to explore the raw, re-emerging urban spaces throughout the city," said Paul Czornij, technical manager for the BASF Color Excellence Group, in a statement. "They were inspired by the resounding feeling of positivity, resilience and optimism from all the people they interacted with at sights such as Eastern Market and the Packard Plant."

Accordingly, BASF calls this year's report RAW, for Real Authentic Ways.

The annual study, which helps manufacturers prepare for future automotive colors, is put together by the BASF Global Design team, consisting of 11 designers from around the world who research trends in such areas as technology, society, politics and culture in North and South America, Asia and Europe.

The result is a compilation of 65 new color trends prepared for automakers worldwide, including five themes that will be available to North American manufacturers for the 2019 model year:

"Perforated" will consist of a deep red interspersed with brilliant golds that result in warm, glowing and radiating effects.

"Golden Cavalcade" is a luminous gold that BASF says reflects "the resurgence of powerful cities like Detroit. The color transcends traditional applications and represents people redefining themselves."

"Spectator" will be a bright silver that evokes the promise of the future. According to BASF, "polished metals show what the power of ingenuity and cross-generational attitudes can achieve."

"Bucket O' Blu" focuses on water, "the most precious resource to humanity and releases a powerful and beautiful energy."

"Downpour" will be a strong blue-green that is designed to mimic the look of rain.

"While exploring Detroit, the importance of water in urban environments became a clear focus and contributed to the strong prevalence of blues in this year's color predictions," said Czornij. "Water is the definition of raw and it has a beautiful, sustaining effect. The saturated and cool color blue is intended to be a soothing balance to today's hectic pace of life."

In addition to drawing inspiration from urban centers, BASF's designers have also acknowledged the importance of the Baby Boom generation in shaping automotive color trends.

"In the past, people ages 55 and over have been somewhat overlooked in terms of color trend prediction," says BASF. "This year they played a larger, more influential role.  More playful, neutral colors were included in the predictions as a result."

We'll also see increased emphasis on texture in the future, with surfaces designed to enhance a vehicle's character and shape. BASF says that could mean a perceptively rough coating or a visual texture created through the coarse granulation of pigment.

Edmunds says: Hopefully the grayscale days of white, black and gray cars are coming to an end. Make way for Golden Cavalcade and Bucket O' Blu!

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