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Steve White Motors Helps Third Graders Learn To Read

NEWTON, North Carolina — A shared name and a sense of humor led Steve White Motors to outfit the entire third grade at Southwest Elementary School in Hickory, North Carolina, with computer tablets.

Dealer owner Steve White recently ventured into the school for his first time to drop off tickets to a free dinner his church was hosting.

He ran into Principal Jenny White, who happens to be married to a different Steve White.

They laughed about the coincidence and White returned a few days later with some dealership promotional apparel that had her husband's name all over it.

The two got into a conversation about the school's students, all of whom receive free lunch. Just 7 percent test at grade-level reading. The principal asked White to seek volunteers at his church to read with her students. 

White, who told Edmunds he couldn't sleep for days after finding out about the plight at Southwest Elementary, woke the second morning with the idea that his Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, Dodge dealership would buy technology for the school to help with the literacy effort.

He bought 60 HP Stream 7 tablets loaded with Microsoft Office Suite for each student in the third grade at Southwest. The students are able to use the tablets both at home and at school for their schoolwork.

"The kids were jumping up and down when we announced it," White said.

Each student wrote White a letter to thank the dealership. At least one may be a future customer.

"It was so cute," White explained. "His letter said, 'I love Jeeps but how many games can I put on the tablet?'"

White plans to reach out to other dealers to further help the school.

"We like to help our community any way we can," he said.

Edmunds says: A dealership that sees a need in the community and fills it makes an impression on future and current car buyers.

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