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Rick Case Honda Does Double Duty as Polling Place

DAVIE, Florida Rick Case Honda cleared out its showroom to make way for 6,300 registered voters during Tuesday's presidential primary in Broward County, Florida.

The dealership considers it its civic duty to carve space for nearly 40 polling booths, a task it's done for 14 years after a request from local county officials, co-owner Rick Case told Edmunds.

"We don't do it to sell cars," Case said. "We do it to accommodate all of the people living around us because we're easy to get to and we have the parking."

This primary, however, did help its week-to-week sales numbers.

"We sold one more car (Tuesday) than we did the Tuesday the week before, so I told our sales team — who were bummed when they had to move all the cars — that it didn't hurt their sales," Case said.

Case admitted the dealership incurs costs for serving as a polling site. He provides voters with beverages and buys the poll workers two meals.

This year he also hired a pair of police officers for security.

"All went well and hosting was all part of being a good citizen," he said.

Edmunds says: This civic-minded dealership casts a vote for future sales.

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