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Porsche 918 Spyder Production Ends

ATLANTA — The Porsche 918 Spyder plug-in hybrid, the $845,000 technological powerhouse dubbed the "sports car of the future" by Edmunds, has ended its production run.

Porsche announced the car's discontinuation last Friday, but noted: "Future generations of sports cars will benefit directly from innovations found in the 918 Spyder."

The end came as the sports car with hybrid drive reached its limited-edition volume of 918 units.

The 770-horsepower 918 Spyder was one of the most exclusive plug-in hybrids in the world. The price tag easily topped the $1 million mark with the addition of high-end options, including a $20,000 Spyder luggage set and $63,000 Liquid Metal Chrome Blue exterior paint.

After the first drive of the Porsche 918 Spyder in 2013, Edmunds pronounced it a "fantastic amalgam of ultra-high-tech and conventional engineering and, as a result, provides a hitherto undreamt about combination of massive performance, reasonable refinement, surprising drivability and quite incredible real-world economy for a car of this kind."

Porsche said despite being discontinued, the 918 Spyder "is now providing a strong push for the advanced development of technologies for the sports cars of the future."

It said the key technology is a drive concept that combines a high-performance combustion engine with two electric motors.

The German automaker also said the 918 Spyder provides "an important foundation for the hybrid drive of tomorrow in its thermal management concept that features five separate cooling circuits and the innovative hybrid cooling of the rear electric motor using air and water.

Edmunds says: The 918 Spyder was an important platform for developing technologies that could find their way into some of Porsche's more attainable models in the near future.

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