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Most Toyota, Lexus Vehicles To Feature Standard Automatic Brakes by Late 2017

NEW YORK — Most Toyota and Lexus vehicles, including the Toyota Camry midsize sedan, Corolla compact sedan and Sienna minivan, will be equipped with standard automatic emergency braking by the end of 2017, Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. announced on Monday at the 2016 New York Auto Show.

The Japanese automaker said 25 out of 30 Lexus and Toyota models will include the Lexus Safety System+ or Toyota Safety Sense as standard equipment. They are extra-cost options on many Lexus and Toyota vehicles now.

Automatic emergency braking helps to prevent crashes or reduce their severity by applying the brakes for the driver.

Some automakers describe them as "an extra foot on the brake when you drive."

Toyota leapfrogs some of the competition with the commitment to making AEB a standard item.

Automatic emergency braking will become a standard feature on nearly all light-duty vehicles by 2022, according to a new industry-wide agreement announced last week by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Toyota said it aims to "help save lives and reduce highway injuries" by making AEB standard ahead of schedule.

"Model-specific target dates for offering these advanced, active safety packages as standard equipment will be announced at a later date," Toyota said in a statement.

Vehicles that will not offer the systems as standard equipment by the end of 2017 include the Lexus GX 460, Toyota Mirai, 4Runner, Toyota 86 and Scion iA.

"Mirai and Scion iA currently provide pre-collision, including AEB as standard equipment," Toyota said.

Edmunds says: Expect other automakers to jump on the bandwagon and join Toyota in this effort. We're rapidly approaching the point where safety should not be optional.

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