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More Than 45 Million Recalled Vehicles From 2013-'15 Still Need Repair, Study Says

DETROIT — More than 45 million vehicles that were recalled between 2013 and 2015 still haven't been taken into the dealership for repairs, according to a new J.D. Power study released on Monday.

"Record numbers of automobile safety recalls, parts shortages and inaction on the part of the owners of recalled vehicles have created a serious challenge for auto manufacturers and dealers," said the J.D. Power SafetyIQ analysis.

Recent high-profile recalls include those for defective Takata airbags that can shoot metal shrapnel at vehicle occupants and defective GM ignition switches that can disable safety systems.

Recall-completion rates are becoming a growing concern for the auto industry. The study shed some light on consumer behavior and trends.

Owners of big vans tend to take their recalled vehicles in for repairs more than any other group. The recall completion rate for large vans is 86 percent, followed by compact premium SUVs at 85 percent.

The sports-car segment has a completion rate of just 31 percent.

Consumers are less likely to schedule service appointments for older cars and trucks that need recall repairs. The completion rate for 2013-'17 model-year vehicles is 73 percent, versus a completion rate of 44 percent for 2003-'07 vehicles.

Larger recalls present bigger problems. The completion rate for individual recalls affecting more than one million vehicles is 49 percent. This compares with a 67 percent completion rate for individual recalls affecting less than 10,000 vehicles.

"It is sometimes difficult to obtain parts to launch large campaigns," J.D. Power noted in a statement.

Recalls for components such as powertrain and electrical systems tend to get the attention of consumers.

Powertrain problems have the highest completion rate at 71 percent, followed by electrical (62 percent) and hydraulic brakes (66 percent).

Vehicle owners can check for recalls using the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration VIN Lookup Tool.

Edmunds says: This study serves as a good reminder for recall procrastinators to make a service appointment now with their dealer.

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