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Forza Horizon 1000 Club Expansion Pack Debuts

Just the Facts:
  • Turn 10 Studios has released an expansion pack for the popular Forza Horizon video game.
  • The 1000 Club Expansion is available for free.
  • Two new cars are included in the expansion: the 1995 Ruf CTR2 and 1956 Ford F100.

REDMOND, Washington — Turn 10 Studios has released a free expansion pack for its Forza Horizon racing game that includes more than 1,000 new challenges as well as two new cars.

Called the 1000 Club Expansion, the downloadable content (DLC) pack offers gamers 1,000 new challenges to complete in Forza Horizon. Each car will have new challenges to go with it (that means five per car), and players will accomplish them by doing things like drifting, jumping, destroying things or making new speed records. Medals will be awarded on completion so you can see how you measure up to your online friends.

Two new cars will also be included in the pack: the speedy 1995 Ruf CTR2 and classic 1956 Ford F100 pickup truck.

Each car in the game will have specific challenges tailored to its specs. Gamers will have 10 new Xbox live achievements to collect with this new DLC.

Forza Horizon can be purchased for $59.99, for Microsoft's Xbox 360 only.

Edmunds says: Turn 10 Studios almost transforms Forza Horizon into a new game with this expansion pack.

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