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Ford Expands Availability of Sync AppLink

DEARBORN, MichiganFord is expanding availability of its Sync AppLink to 3 million additional vehicles in the U.S., the automaker said on Thursday.

Owners of qualifying 2010-'13 model-year vehicles with the first-generation Sync system can download the AppLink software off their home computers and install in their cars using a USB stick.

The Sync AppLink connects users to their favorite smartphone applications. It enables them to stream Internet radio, listen to tweets and more without fumbling through phone menus.

Ford spokesman Alan Hall told Edmunds a "long list" of Ford vehicles get the upgrade.

"Whether a customer qualifies for the update depends on the options that they have," he wrote in an e-mailed message. "So, the best thing is to direct consumers to the Ford Owner Web site and login to see if their vehicle is compatible for the update. But, as we note, it's for 2010-'13 model year vehicles with the first-generation Sync system (the entry-level Sync system — not the MyFord Touch touchscreen version of Sync)."

Ford says there are now more than 10 million Sync-equipped vehicles on the road around the world, with 2.4 million of them running AppLink.

There are more than 70 AppLink-compatible smartphone apps running on iOS and Android devices.

Edmunds says: Ford owners who value connectivity will be happy to hear about the expanded availability of the Sync AppLink.

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