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Dolan Lexus Builds Second-Floor Showroom To Host Community Events

RENO, Nevada — The buzz about Dolan Lexus' new 69,000-square-foot location is its potential to accommodate everything from typical vehicle service visits to hosting nonprofit community events.

The centerpiece of the dealership is the second-floor showroom and espresso bar, along with a terrace overlooking the Sierra Nevada Mountains and a full-scale commercial kitchen.

The relocated dealership built the upstairs with the community in mind.

It wanted to provide a gathering spot for nonprofits and organizations to host events free of charge, Ryan Dolan, chief executive officer of Dolan Auto Group, told Edmunds.

"We are involved in the community and we wanted to create a place where people could hang out and spend some time connecting with others," Dolan explained.

The upstairs showroom also has a ramp to make it easy to showcase Lexus models, like the 2015 LS 600h and the CT 200h.

The revamped dealership is hosting its first event on August 28, a corporate Pinewood Derby, where businesses build cars, race them and compete for awards in the spirit of the Boy Scout tradition.

The $250 entry fee benefits the Nevada Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America

There may be wedding bells heard upstairs soon as well.

The first Saturday the new location was open, a couple approached management wondering if they could hold their wedding at the dealership next year.

Dolan is meeting with the future bride and groom to figure out how to make it happen.

"We have a lot of things to check into, like insurance and liquor laws, but I would love to do it if we could. It would be a new set of potential customers coming into the showroom, all for a very happy event," Dolan said.

Edmunds says: Innovative thinking helps a dealership find a way to bring more traffic into the showroom.

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