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BMW 4 Series GranCoupe Is in the Works

Just the Facts:
  • The BMW 4 Series GranCoupe will likely join the 4 Series lineup.
  • The 4 Series GranCoupe would ride on a longer wheelbase than the 3 Series.
  • BMW's 4 Series will have a coupe, a soft-top convertible and a sportier, more adventurous-looking four-door sedan.

MUNICH, Germany — BMW has delivered the broadest hint yet that it is planning a full three-car family around its 4 Series coupe.

The sleek two-door 4 Series (which was, until recently, known as the 3 Series Coupe), will return to the streets of Europe in the third quarter this year — but it won't be alone.

BMW changed the coupe's name to 4 Series largely to give it more scope for more models — and one of those is almost certain to be a swoopier GranCoupe.

BMW's board member for product development, Herbert Deiss, all but confirmed the car's existence last week while defending the innovation of the 3 Series Gran Turismo layout against comparisons.

"The Audi A5 Sportback is different to this concept. This is nothing like the A5 Sportback. That car has a lower seating position and we are much more focused on comfort and functional features.

"That will be much closer to the 4 Series four-door coupe," he revealed.

BMW is squeezing its niches hard to lift its volumes beyond 2 million cars a year, and its new 3 Series architecture is being asked to do the lion's share. It has already delivered the sedan, wagon and now Gran Turismo five-door layouts and the 4 Series will have a coupe, a soft-top convertible and a sportier, more adventurous-looking four-door sedan.

"The 4 Series GranCoupe will be on a longer architecture than this (the 3 Series GranTurismo) and will still be built in Dingolfing," Mr. Deiss said.

"If we ever did it, of course," he recovered.

The 4 Series GranCoupe will give BMW a slightly longer and more outrageous-looking model off the 3 Series architecture, in much the same way the CLS gives Mercedes-Benz a second bite at the E-Class architecture.

Even the 4 Series two-door will be significantly larger than the 3 Series Coupe it replaces. At 182.7 inches, it will be slightly longer than the outgoing car and its wheelbase is 2 inches longer, at 111 inches.

The two numbers mean the 4 Series Concept Coupe has shorter overhangs than the 3 Series Coupe, which will enhance its long-hood proportions.

Edmunds says: The 6 Series GranCoupe is one of the brand's best-looking models, so we see no problem with a smaller, more affordable version.

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