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Art Moran Buick GMC Mitsubishi Hosts Electric Slide Dance Contest

SOUTHFIELD, MichiganArt Moran Buick GMC Mitsubishi wanted to know who could dance the hustle the longest in its showroom, awarding a 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander to the winner of its "Hustle for Your Heart" contest.

Twenty-five people were randomly chosen from 250 qualifiers and began to dance at 1 p.m. on Monday.

More than 36 hours later, Kimberly McCartha was declared the winner after mastering the hustle, also known as the Electric Slide, a dance she didn't know how to do before she set foot in the showroom.

The contest, a partnership with Detroit radio station Mix 92.3, was to help build Michigan's organ donor registry list through the Donate Life Coalition of Michigan, a longtime pet project of Art Moran's, said owner Tom Moran.

Each dancer had to continuously do the hustle without missteps each hour for 50 minutes with 10-minute breaks. If they brought in 10 people to register to be organ donors, they could earn an additional five minutes of rest.

"We got at least 100 people to sign the registry list, which means we are helping improve the lives of 50,000 people," Moran said.

The contest has the potential to help business, too.

Moran told Edmunds it brought new people into the dealership at least twice. Early in April, five people who visited the showroom during a set time would be qualified for the contest and then the actual dance-a-thon.

He gave out $75 vouchers each hour up to $1,800 to anyone who hustled 24 hours or more, good for a down payment on a new car.

"We wanted to bring attention to the Mitsubishi brand and put it back on the map in this area," Moran said.

Edmunds says: Winner McCartha hustled more than 204,000 steps or a distance of over 85 miles to win the Outlander. She deserves to rest behind the wheel of her new Mitsubishi.

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