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Anderson Auto Group's Nonprofit Puts Needy in Driver's Seat

LINCOLN, Nebraska Anderson Auto Group is in the business of not only selling cars, but also giving them away.

Owner Mike Anderson founded Because People Matter, a nonprofit organization based out of its Lincoln, Nebraska, headquarters, that takes used cars, repairs them and donates them to those in need. Or if someone has a car but needs a repair, he has technicians who volunteer their time to help get them road ready.

"We try to target single parents, orphans, widows, but it's really for those who need an extra hand," Anderson told Edmunds.

With five stores in three different markets, representing Ford, Lincoln, Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi and Honda Motorsports, Anderson feels that because he's achieved a degree of success, he needs to help others.

Proceeds from each car sale go toward Because People Matter.

"I knew I had to make a difference when I was at my dad's funeral and people would come up and tell me all these great things and how he had helped someone," Anderson said. "I asked myself, 'What are they going to say about me?'"

As customers hear about his charitable works, more are donating their car rather than selling it themselves or trading it in when they come into the dealership to buy a new car.

"Last year we only had about five or six customers donating their cars but this year, we've already had about 10 people and it's April," he said.

His goal is to give away 150 this year, 50 more than last year.

"It's nice that word is getting out because the need is great in our community," Anderson said. 

Edmunds says: This community-minded dealership comes up with a natural connection when it comes to helping others.

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