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An Evolving Parade of Flags Helps the Car Factory Dealership Stand Out

BILLINGS, MontanaThe Car Factory dealership has found a way to rise above its competition.

The car dealership flies 21 banner flags to capture the attention of its community.

The flags come in varying colors and patterns. They change often, too.

In October, for instance, they were pink for breast-cancer awareness and as the month progressed, they flew Halloween flags. On Election Day, they were red, white and blue. As Thanksgiving approaches, orange adorns the flagpoles. Red and green will help roll in Christmas cheer.

Even checkered flags, rainbows, neon colors and local school colors share space in the collection.

"We have hundreds of flags and we put them in every morning and take them out every night, unless the weather is uncooperative," said Jay Brown, The Car Factory sales manager and the son to founders Bobbi and Jimmy Brown.

Bobbi Brown, who ditched using helium balloons about nine years ago, plans the colors a week in advance, Jay Brown told Edmunds. They are arranged inside a van with built-in bins to keep them organized to make it easy for the staff to pull what's needed.

"We hear people refer to us all the time as the 'place with all the flags,'" Brown said. "We are doing something different and people notice it."

Edmunds says: Flying a flag can be good for business, this dealership learns.

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