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By Jeff Hester December 14, 2011
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Thank you for your interest in's coverage and analysis of automotive safety. is being integrated into a new area of Car safety information now can be found at To stay connected via social media as well, please follow on Twitter@edmunds and... more

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Toyota Pledges $50M For New Safety Research

By Bill Visnic September 16, 2011

Early in 2010, a number of safety-related recalls and the unintended-acceleration crisis found Toyota Motor Corp. president Akio Toyoda testifying to the U.S. Congress. Toyoda admitted his company’s practice of making decisions about recalls and other safety concerns only in Japan had contributed to a culture of ignoring customer input that may have prevented some of the problems. Toyoda said he said he would insist on a new culture of “customer safety first,” and pledged to create an automotive center of excellence in the U.S. dedicated to improving safety. more

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University Starts Child-Passenger Safety Study

By Danny King August 23, 2011

The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) is studying how children position themselves in car seats in an effort to gather more realistic data that may help reduce child fatalities from car accidents. UMTRI's biosciences group this month is studying more than 100 children between ages 4 and 11 and using "three-dimensional measurement tools" to record how safety belts fit on children in a wide variety of physical positions, as opposed to the static, belted crash-test dummies that have previously been used to test child safety. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is funding the study. more

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States Outlawing Handheld Devices Cut Usage

By Danny King August 11, 2011

State laws that mandate use of hands-free devices when talking on a mobile phone behind the wheel may have cut handheld device usage in half over the past year, indicating that the combination of such laws and efforts by the U.S. Transportation Department to publicize the danger of driving while talking on a handheld device has been effective. Among drivers in states with the hands-free laws, about 35 percent of those who regularly employ communication devices while behind the wheel use handheld devices to make calls, but that’s down from about 80 percent in 2010, according to a study more

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Heat-Related Child Deaths Trigger NHTSA Campaign

By Danny King August 4, 2011

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has recently launched its first-ever campaign with automakers and consumer groups to address the issue of children being left inside hot cars after 21 child passengers were reported to have been killed this summer from hyperthermia, or elevated body temperature. NHTSA officials will meet with parents, advocacy groups, automotive experts and police in states such as Texas, Florida and California, where many of the deaths have occurred, NHTSA said in a statement. more

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Northeast U.S. Crackdowns Cut Distracted Driving

By Danny King July 28, 2011

Connecticut and New York State crackdowns on handheld mobile-phone use and texting behind the wheel cut distracted driving by at least a third, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Increased law enforcement and public-service announcements likely decrease traffic fatalities stemming from distracted driving. In Syracuse, N.Y., reported instances of driving while holding a cell phone or texting fell by more than 30 percent during periods of stepped-up enforcement. In Hartford, Conn., instances of holding a cell phone behind the wheel fell 57 percent during stepped-up enforcement, while and instances of texting while driving plummeted more than more

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Safety Systems May Cut Crashes 27%, Report Says

By Danny King July 20, 2011

Collision-avoidance systems that use infrared sensors to automatically brake a vehicle on the verge of rear-ending another may cut low speed crashes by more than 25 percent, according to a Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) report, which studied the effects of Volvo's so-called City Safety feature. The Volvo XC60 with City Safety was subject to 27 percent fewer insurance claims related to at-fault accidents than other midsize luxury SUVs, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) said Tuesday, citing the HLDI report. To factor out driving habits of Volvo drivers, the study compared claims and found that the XC60 more

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Ford Quickens Pace In Infotainment, Safety

By Dale Buss June 22, 2011

Ford is attempting to build on its early lead in on-board connectivity and also add to its safety chops as it continues to navigate the increasingly strategic and high-profile world of automotive infotainment. Innovations such as Sync have gained Ford some leadership in this area in the eyes of American consumers, and this week Ford has announced incremental advances, such as expansion of its Sync voice-control software to more vehicles and greater visibility of fonts that it uses in controls and touch screens in its vehicles. more

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Org Working To Identify Roads Safest Traveled

By Bill Visnic June 2, 2011

A pilot program designed to more-efficiently guide state governments’ investment in road improvements soon could have the side benefit of informing individual drivers about the safest or most dangerous roads in various states if the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and GPS map-development giant Navteq proceed with a plan to provide the information for in-vehicle or handheld navigation systems. The AAA Foundation, a research and education organization formed by the AAA in 1947, began a pilot study in 2006 to begin a road assessment program in the United States modeled after well-established similar efforts in Europe and Australia. The more

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Presentations from Edmunds' Truly Safe Conference

By AutoObserver Staff June 1, 2011, the premier online resource for automotive information, hosted leaders of the traffic safety establishment as well as experts from other fields with compelling and applicable insights at Edmunds’ Safety Conference: Truly Safe? Debunking Myths and Crafting Effective Policies for Car Safety. The event was held at the Newseum in Washington, DC May 23-24, 2011. Below are summaries and highlights of the presentations, as well as links to download related presentations from the conference. more

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