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China: Familiar, But With A Longer Wheelbase

April 24, 2011

First time visitors to China and the Shanghai Auto Show such as myself have a lot to drink in. You think you know a lot about cars until you walk into an exhibition hall filled with shiny new metal and you can't identify a single brand, never mind recognize a model name. Everything seems auto-show familiar, but with a Chinese twist. As a pop star with the most haunting voice you've never heard (Karen Mok) croons about Route 66 over at the Cadillac stand, a parade of costumed pandas strolls the aisles. Safely on the Audi stand, you think more

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After The Zoom

March 17, 2011

Mazda recently loaned us a CX-9 to attend the introduction of the 2012 Mazda5 in nearby San Diego. The CX-9 is one of our favorite SUVs, and continues to impress with a nimbleness that belies its shadow footprint. You’d never suspect that the fluid and frisky CX-9 shares its seven-seat segment with Ford’s Flex, as its chassis actually speaks the language of driving enthusiasts. For those in need of the seats and space, there is still a Zoom-Zoom option. more

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Why 30 Isn't the New 40

February 28, 2011

Honda joined the chorus last week, announcing that the upcoming 2012 Civic will deliver more than 40 miles per gallon (mpg). Oddly, this set some of the media into a tizzy: Like almost every other manufacturer, only particular versions of the Civic (there are, like... 70) will exceed an Environmental Protection Agency rating of 40 mpg. more

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Honda Plays It Safe With 9th-Generation 2012 Civic

January 13, 2011

Honda took the wraps off concept versions of its 2012 Civic Si coupe and Civic sedan Monday at the Detroit auto show. In typical Honda fashion, the concept vehicles are just lightly modified versions of the production cars that will go on sale in the U.S market this spring. Also in Honda fashion, the concepts previewed a design that takes little risk and seeks to serve the compact market with the widest variety of models in the segment. more

2011 Bentley Supersport Convertible side.jpg

Bentley Distancing From Rolls-Royce, Repositioning Itself

June 25, 2010

An 18-month product cycle would never work for a Honda Accord or a Chevy Malibu. But in the uber-niche strata Bentley Motors Inc. occupies, you need to be coming up with a new variation on the theme as quickly as Lady Gaga changes outfits or your deep-pockets customers will be shopping elsewhere. Bentley is churning away on a hyperventilating 18-month cycle of introducing new iterations on existing models because the company's research found customers of two-door Bentleys tend to drive their new cars for an average of just 12 to 18 months before automotive wanderlust has them looking for more

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