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By Jeff Hester December 14, 2011
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No New U.S. Plant For Maxed-Out Hyundai

By Bill Visnic November 14, 2011

With explosive U.S.-market sales virtually demanding the company find a way to get more cars into customers’ hands, Hyundai Motor America isn’t ready to commit to a second assembly plant in the United States, president and CEO John Krafcik told reporters at a media event at the company’s technical center near Ann Arbor, Mich., last week. Krafcik (above, at January's Detroit show) insisted that despite a meteoric post-recession sales climb and excruciatingly thin inventories for many models, Hyundai hasn’t made the decision to build another U.S. assembly plant to add to its current site in Montgomery, Ala., that started production in more

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Hyundai And Kia Prosper Now But Look To Future

By Dale Buss July 25, 2011

Hyundai Motor America and Kia Motors America have met the enemy, and they are them. Both ascendant brands owned by Korea’s Hyundai Group chaebol have the opportunity to build on their recent sales and market-share gains in the United States, but inconvenient capacity constraints are holding them back from gobbling up a lot more. There also are looming issues of differentiation between the two brands so that they don’t cannibalize each other. Still, Hyundai is now projecting a 16-percent rise in U.S. sales for 2011 – even against its bursting-at-the-seams 2010 – and Kia has earmarked a gain of more

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Hyundais Rolling Into Wealthy Garages -- Really

By Bill Visnic July 14, 2011

The American Express Centurion Card – the quasi-mystical “black card” of near mythic urban-legend proportion – reputedly is the symbol of ultimate spending power. Those invited to own a black card have an average annual household income of $1.3 million. They have assets of $16 million. They have a Hyundai in the garage. Well, 6 percent of black card holders do, at any rate. Hyundai enjoys the same ownership penetration among Centurion Card members as Bentley and Audi. Just 2 percent more Centurions own a Ferrari. The comparative – and surprising – success of Hyundai’s luxury-oriented nameplates, the Genesis more

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Hyundai Takes Advantage Of Supply Debacle

By Dale Buss April 28, 2011

Hyundai may not be able to take complete advantage of the supply debacle of its Japanese small-car rivals because the Korean giant has output limitations of its own. But the company is making gains while its top competitors are still stumbling -- in transaction prices, corporate and dealer profitability, brand reputation, and even market share. On Thursday, Hyundai reported profits for the quarter ended March 31 surged 47 percent to $1.75 billion, surpassing analysts' estimates. more

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Hyundai Outgrows Assurance

By Dale Buss April 4, 2011

Hyundai Motor America stopped providing the Assurance job-loss-protection benefit simply because the high-flying Korean auto brand doesn’t need to offer it anymore. Arguably, however, American consumers could use Assurance more now even than when Hyundai launched it with a phenomenally successful TV ad during the 2009 Super Bowl. Assurance expired last week after just 350 Americans had taken advantage of the program’s guarantee over its roughly two years of existence. more

oscar push thumb.jpg (Main page article thumbnail) Hyundai Oscar Ads Raise Consideration

By Bill Visnic February 28, 2011

Hyundai Motor America may have gotten its money's worth from a dominating advertising blitz during last night’s Academy Awards, according to data from Following the Oscars, Hyundai’s overall brand saw a 13 percent lift in consideration compared to shopping traffic at on the prior Sunday evening. The increase came after the Korean automaker aired a total of ten ads during both the awards telecast and the red carpet pre-show. more

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Changing Times: Two on 'Best Engines' List Aren't Really Engines

By Bill Visnic December 8, 2010

The Ward's Automotive Group says it's embracing the future of vehicle electrification by naming an electric motor and a substantially electric propulsion system to its annual "10 Best Engines" list for 2011. Neither Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.'s Leaf, which doesn't use an "engine" at all, or General Motors Corp.'s Chevrolet Volt - in which, by design, the driver ideally isn't connected to its small internal-combustion engine - make a case for being vehicles that have much to do with engines. So now the industry's marketers, advertisers and other communicators also might be scrambling to figure out how best to more

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Prepare, World, For The $60K Hyundai

By Bill Visnic October 20, 2010

It's time to see just how far Hyundai has stretched - or can stretch - the reach of its surging brand: Hyundai Motor America says its all-new flagship, the 2011 Equus sedan, will be priced starting at a heady $58,900 when it goes on sale in December. And that's for the "entry" Equus Signature. The Equus Ultimate will wear a sticker price of $65,400. Both prices include a $900 destination charge The Lexus LS 460 - a nameplate that did a little world-rocking of its own when it launched in 1990 as the LS 400 with a base price more

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EPA Likely to Adapt Proposed New Fuel-Economy Window Stickers

By Bill Visnic October 15, 2010

At a public meeting this week in Chicage to take input regarding its intent to revise the fuel-economy labeling on new-vehicle window stickers, the Environmental Protection Agency said it's likely the look of the final product will differ from the early versions the agency unveiled earlier this year. And the dialogue continues regarding one particular aspect: whether the new fuel-economy label should include a letter "grade" from "A" to "D" to give consumers a simple, at-a-glance method for evaluating the fuel efficiency of a particular model under consideration. Although most automakers and other industry interests reportedly oppose this methodology more

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