Bosch-Samsung Joint Venture To Supply Li-ion Battery for BMW's Megacity EV

By Scott Doggett August 3, 2009

BMW-Megacity-concept.jpg SB LiMotive, a joint venture between Bosch and Samsung SDI, will supply lithium-ion battery cells for BMW's Megacity zero-emissions electric vehicle due in the first half of the next decade.

Right, BMW's Megacity EV concept.
"The decision is a major milestone along the way to serial production of the Megacity Vehicle. The battery is a key component in any electric vehicle -- it determines the range and performance of the car," BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer said in a statement today.

"With SB LiMotive we have selected a supplier who offers the best available technology, combining leading German automotive expertise with future-oriented Korean battery know-how."

The Megacity car is an offshoot from BMW's Project i, which was tasked to develop new mobility concepts for cities with more than 10 million inhabitants.

SB LiMotive, which recently acquired General Motors' hybrid battery supplier Cobasys, is a 50-50 joint venture between autoparts maker Bosch and Samsung, a South Korean lithium-ion battery supplier that specializes in consumer electronics applications.

BMW last week announced it would pull out of the Formula 1 circuit at the end of this season, after management decided to focus its efforts on sustainability issues and reducing carbon emissions.

The invention of safe, reliable and lightweight batteries that can propel a car hundreds of miles on a single charge is the last major technological hurdle in electric-vehicle development.

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