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BMW To Debut Engine Sound Generator

Just the Facts:
  • BMW is planning to debut a sound system that allows for different engine notes.
  • The system will be launched with three different engine note options by the end of the year.
  • In the future, drivers will be able to download different engine notes.

MIRAMAR, France — BMW is working on an in-car system that will allow drivers to choose a new engine note. Speaking at an i8 prototype drive event, project chief Dr. Carsten Breitfeld told Edmunds that BMW will launch a system by the end of the year that will allow drivers to choose from one of three different options.

BMW already employs artificial sound systems to improve the acoustics of its engines. The i8 for example, attempts to blend the real noise of the three-cylinder turbo engine with computer-generated sounds to provide a more emotive experience both for the occupants and passers-by. Soon this will be extended to allow drivers to tune the noise according to their mood or taste.

In the future, Breitfeld expects occupants to be able to download additional "engine sounds" as they become available. "We are some distance away from being able to simulate the sound of a V8 from the 1970s, but there will be more options in the future."

Breitfeld wouldn't say which model the system would debut on, but the range-extender version of the i3 hatchback would be an obvious candidate.

Edmunds says: We'd like our i8 to sound like a Ferrari Daytona, please.

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