2016 Chevrolet Camaro Already a Social Media Darling

DETROIT — The all-new, sixth-generation 2016 Chevrolet Camaro coupe has captured abundant social media attention after a splashy debut Saturday.

Even before the new Camaro's debut at Detroit's Belle Isle Park, there was plenty of online buzz about it among fans, current owners and Chevrolet itself. After all, it had been more than five years since a completely new version of Chevy's iconic muscle car hit the streets. Nevertheless, its popularity was quickly evident within hours of its big debut as tweets, "likes" and Instragrams starting piling up.

"The Camaro reveal is currently trending on Facebook," Craig Daitch, Chevy's social media lead, told Edmunds.

A quick check of the Chevrolet, Chevrolet Camaro, CamaroSix and #CamaroSix Reveal Facebook pages showed dozens of posts, hundreds of comments and tens of thousands of views and "likes," as well as thousands of "shares" by fans. And that doesn't include countless posts by enthusiasts on their own pages and posts by Chevrolet dealers, parts suppliers and tuners.

Comments ranged from "Wow!" and "Sweet ride!" to "Thank you Chevrolet for keeping it stylish." The vast majority of comments were similarly positive, but as with any redesign there were bound to be a few naysayers, such as the one who wrote: "They went from retro style to futuristic style. Honestly, I like the '14/15 better."

Over on Twitter, the Edmunds feed included a number of posts featuring the latest photos of the new Camaro. Very quickly, retweets numbered in the hundreds. And a search of #CamaroSix turned up thousands more, including hundreds of retweets on Chevrolet's own feed.

It's the same on Instagram, where searches of "CamaroSix" and "Camaro6" found hundreds of photos, hundreds of comments and thousands of "likes." Enthusiast remarks included "I love everything about the new gen," "So awesome" and "Get it for me!"

Of course, brand loyalty was bound to be a factor. Sniped one fan of the newly redesigned 2015 Ford Mustang, the Camaro's long-time competitor: "Ford won again."

So, does this social media activity constitute major trending for the 2016 Camaro?

Well, maybe not yet. Trending topics on Twitter -- many related to A-list celebrities and megahit movies -- run into the tens of millions of posts. On Facebook, comments on a single post have run into the millions, and "likes" have soared into the tens of millions.

But with the debut of the Generation Six Camaro barely in the rearview mirror, it's still early. And if the social media activity thus far is any indication, the new Camaro may be kicking off a sales trend in Chevrolet dealerships this fall.

Edmunds says: Early social media buzz bodes well for the 2016 Camaro.

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