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Technology Drives More Vehicle Purchases, New Report Says

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, California — Cutting-edge technology is spurring more new-vehicle purchases, according to the J.D. Power 2015 U.S. Automotive Media and Marketing Report Summer edition, which was released Thursday.

Among premium brands, Lincoln, Infiniti, Cadillac and Audi have the highest proportions of buyers who cite "latest technology features" as a reason for purchasing their vehicle.

Among non-premium brands, Mazda, Buick and Chrysler have the highest rates of buyers who purchase for the latest technology, the report said.

In-vehicle technology, which includes everything from smartphone connectivity to collision avoidance, has become "the new battleground for attracting, satisfying and retaining customers," J.D. Power said in a statement.

More than four in 10 premium-brand drivers and 28 percent of non-premium brand drivers said their vehicle's latest technology was one of the key reasons they purchased their vehicle.

It turns out that tech-hungry car shoppers also consume media — Internet, TV and magazines — at higher rates.

Consumers who put advanced technology on their shopping lists spend an average of 33 hours a week watching TV. They list The Walking Dead, The Big Bang Theory and The Voice among their favorite shows, according to the report.

Nearly 70 percent of new-vehicle drivers access social media Web sites or apps, with Facebook topping the list as the most popular social media site accessed by new-vehicle drivers.

The survey is based on 28,983 principal drivers of recently purchased or leased new vehicles.

Edmunds says: If this trend continues, look for even more tech to be crammed into cars ... and for greater changes year-over-year to encourage trade-ins.

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