How a Lamborghini Dealership Made a Little Boy's Day — and Garnered More Than 600,000 YouTube Views

Just the Facts:
  • Lamborghini North Los Angeles reached out to owners in its customer base to surprise a 7-year-old fan of the brand.
  • The dealership's PR and Internet savvy yielded more than 600,000 YouTube views of a Lambo parade at the boy's birthday party.
  • When dealerships share their passion for their brand, good things happen.

WOODLAND HILLS, California — April 20 was a great day for one lucky kid in Los Angeles. Jacob Suh, a young Lamborghini fan, was celebrating his 7th birthday when a parade of the supercars pulled up in front of his home. In the YouTube video, the look on the boy's face explains perfectly why it's received 600,000 views — and counting.

How does something like that happen? It's a story of social media, brand loyalty and a dealership that has set the Web on fire through its eagerness to share the Lamborghini lifestyle in a heartwarming, fun way.

It all started when Jacob's dad, Nick Stern, sent a Facebook message to Lamborghini North Los Angeles, which is part of the Auto Gallery, a luxury-brand group. He asked if the dealership would be willing to turn Jacob's birthday party into something extra special by stopping by with a Lambo.

When the social media team members at Lamborghini North Los Angeles got the Facebook message, they were immediately interested.

"Jacob lives close, and we are in a unique position as a dealership in that we have access to amazing cars, and have a network of very engaged customers," says Louise Bristow, public relations director for Auto Gallery. "We hold lots of events, and we like to socialize with our customers. We've kind of developed a friendship with our customers."

Further, the request had come in at the perfect time. The Auto Gallery had just hosted a Lamborghini event and was in close contact with many of its customers.

"First we thought 'Wouldn't it be cool if we did something — just because we could?'" Bristow says. "Then we thought, 'It would be pretty cool with one car, but why not turn it into a parade? Why not do something huge?'"

So the dealership sent an e-mail to all the attendees of the previous week's Lamborghini event in hopes finding a few owners who would be willing to participate.

All told, eight Lamborghinis showed up to Jacob's birthday party: one from Lamborghini North Los Angeles, and seven cars driven by their owners.

Mark Sternberg, digital communications manager with the Auto Gallery, pulled up in the first car and gave Jacob a ride through the neighborhood. The other cars fell in line for a show-stopping parade.

Lamborghini North Los Angeles employs an in-house videographer who routinely records events. "A lot of it is simply about capturing the Lamborghini lifestyle," Bristow says. The dealership posts the videos on Facebook, the dealership's YouTube channel and shares them via Twitter.

"We wanted to create a really cool edit and give it to Jacob so that he could keep it forever," Bristow says. "So we edited it here, and asked Dad if it was OK if we posted the video on our Facebook page and Twitter, and it kind of just took off from there." In one week, the video of the Lamborghini parade had been seen more than 600,000 times.

"We're not expecting Jacob to come in and buy a Lamborghini because of this," Bristow says. "We were just in a position to help a child have some great memories. So why not?"

Edmunds says: While not every car dealership has the resources of this luxury-brand store, there are lessons here on how to build a community and a reputation — and on how to make a kid happy. Why not, indeed?

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