Go Inside Fast Five With Chrysler, Paul Walker and Vin Diesel

Go Inside Fast Five With Chrysler, Paul Walker and Vin Diesel

Just the Facts:
  • Chrysler has posted videos on its media site showing off the Dodge Chargers used on the Fast Five set.
  • The Dodge Chargers used in the movie have adjusted gear ratios, are all-wheel drive and feature a matte black paint job.
  • Paul Walker, Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson star in Fast Five. The movie premieres in late April.

CAGUAS, Puerto Rico — Chrysler has posted several videos on its media Web site that take viewers inside the filming of Fast Five and the stunt Dodge Chargers that were used in the movie.

The first video includes the ripped Vin Diesel talking about the final scene in the movie, which involves a modified, matte black 2011 Dodge Charger dragging a bank vault like a ball and chain around the streets of Puerto Rico. Tom Laymac, a Dodge tech supervisor on set, also explains how they had to force 1st gear to have more consistent acceleration.

"We eliminate some of the safety features, and the [Charger] is the perfect stunt car," said Dennis McCarthy, the car coordinator for the film.

The next video includes both Paul Walker and Ralph Gilles, president and CEO of Dodge. We learn Fast Five will feature new and old Dodge Chargers, ranging from the mean muscle cars of the late 1960s and early 1970s to 2010-'11 model years.

All the Chargers in the movie have a matte black paint job and all-wheel drive, and are tweaked with torque equally distributed in the front and rear. Some of the cars used in the film are prototypes that Chrysler provided to Universal specifically for Fast Five.

Fast Five is directed by Justin Lin and stars Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson and, new this time around, Dwayne Johnson.

Edmunds.com says: Chrysler definitely provides some fast and furious behind-the-scenes action in these videos. — Mike Lysaght, Correspondent

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