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Chevrolet and AT&T Make It Easy to Get Unlimited In-Vehicle Data

Chevrolet has announced it is partnering with AT&T to offer U.S. Chevy owners easy-to-get unlimited in-vehicle data plans for just $20 per month.

Beginning immediately, owners with an AT&T wireless account and a Chevrolet model equipped with an OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot can add unlimited data to their vehicle by visiting an AT&T retail store, going online to or by logging into their MyAT&T account.

Chevy notes that in early March it became the first mass-market automaker to offer a 4G LTE unlimited data plan for all customers, but this latest arrangement gives owners many easy ways to sign up for the service.

"With Chevrolet 4G LTE data plan sales jumping nearly 275 percent in March year over year, providing customers with additional choices as to where and how they buy data was important to us," said Paul Edwards, Chevrolet's U.S. vice president of marketing, in a statement. "Whether you are at a job site in your Silverado or letting your family stream videos on a road trip in your Traverse, Chevrolet owners will never be far from being able to sign up for an unlimited 4G LTE data plan."

As previously reported by Edmunds, last year Chevrolet cut the monthly cost of most of its data plans in half, reducing a 1GB plan from $20 to $10 and a 10GB plan from $80 to $40. The 1GB plan is still available, but larger data plans have been superseded by the new $20 unlimited rate.

In-vehicle 4G LTE wireless connectivity was first introduced to the U.S. market on the2015 Audi A3, and GM made the high-speed technology available on a number of models in that same year. Since then, 4G has become an increasingly common feature offered by many automakers. But unlimited onboard data plans are still a rarity, even though there's increasing demand among consumers.

"More and more car owners are seeing the benefits of unlimited data on the go," said Joe Mosele, vice president of Internet of Things Solutions for AT&T. "We are pleased to make this feature widely available for Chevrolet owners in our retail stores across the country. It's now as easy as ever to sign up for in-vehicle unlimited data."

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