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2016 Volkswagen Lineup To Debut New Driver-Assistance Features

HERNDON, Virginia — The 2016 Volkswagen lineup will include such high-tech driver-assistance features as adaptive cruise control, forward-collision warning and automated parking, Volkswagen of America said on Wednesday.

Other new technologies include autonomous emergency braking and a lane-departure warning system.

Volkswagen dealers will begin to offer the 2016 models starting in August.

Many of the sophisticated safety features are already offered by such automakers as Honda and Toyota on a wide variety of vehicles, including the Honda CR-V and Toyota Camry.

Pricing on the 2016 VW models will be announced Monday. In some cases, the new driver-assistance systems will be standard; others will be offered in packages, VW said in a statement.

Package prices will range from $695 to $1,495, Volkswagen spokesman Mark Gillies told Edmunds.

When asked if car shoppers should expect price increases due to the additional driver-assistance equipment, Gillies said: "Most pricing is held steady, especially on Jetta."

The base 2015 Jetta 2.0L S starts at $18,145, including an $820 destination charge.

For 2016, VW said rearview cameras are standard equipment on "more than 85 percent of Volkswagen models."

Gillies said the only 2016 vehicles without the rearview camera are the base Beetle, Golf and Jetta.

Many of the driver-assistance features were only previously available on the premium Volkswagen Touareg SUV, but now they will be offered on such mainstream models as the Volkswagen Beetle and Golf.

All 2016 Beetle, Beetle Convertible and Jetta cars will add a standard automatic post-collision braking system that helps to prevent secondary collisions. It is standard on the 2015 Golf and Touareg.

Adaptive cruise control is standard equipment on the 2016 Volkswagen CC V6 4Motion Executive and Touareg Executive models. It is optional on Volkswagen Golf, Golf GTI, Golf R, Golf SportWagen, Jetta TSI/TDI and Touareg Lux/Sport with Tech.

This feature uses forward-facing radar to maintain a set speed while helping to maintain a set distance to the vehicle in front.

Forward-collision warning and autonomous emergency braking are standard on the 2016 CC V6 4 Motion Executive and Touareg Executive models and will be optional on the Volkswagen e-Golf late in the model year. They are optional on the 2016 Golf, Golf GTI, Golf R, Golf SportWagen, Jetta and Touareg Lux/Sport with Tech.

Forward-collision warning helps to warn the driver of potential front-end crashes. Autonomous emergency braking is activated to slow the vehicle if the driver fails to brake.

Blind-spot warning with rear-traffic alert is standard on the 2016 CC V6 4Motion Executive, Beetle and Beetle Convertible SEL, Jetta GLI and Hybrid SEL and Touareg, except the Sport model. This system uses radar sensors at the rear of the vehicle to warn drivers of potential danger in adjacent lanes, as well as incoming vehicles when reversing out of a parking space.

The lane-departure warning system is standard on CC V6 4Motion Executive and Touareg models, except for the Sport. It is optional on Golf, Golf GTI, Golf R and Golf SportWagen. It warns the driver if he or she is unintentionally straying from their lane.

The Park Steering Assistant automatically steers the car into parallel and perpendicular parking spaces in reverse. It is optional on the Golf, Golf GTI and Golf Sportwagen. It will be available on the e-Golf later in the model year.

Edmunds says: These valuable crash-prevention and driver-assistance systems used to be the sole domain of the high-end brands, including Volkswagen Group's Audi, Bentley and Porsche. Car shoppers will appreciate the fact they are filtering down to everyday vehicles in the VW showroom.

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