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2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata, Mazda 3 Showcased in New Mazda Ad Campaign

IRVINE, California Mazda's new "Driving Matters" advertising campaign takes car shoppers on an emotional journey in multiple 2016 models, including the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata and Mazda 3.

The new ads emphasize that driving is fun, not just a ho-hum chore.

"Driving is an experience that can enhance your life," Mazda said in a statement on Thursday.

The iconic Mazda tagline "Zoom Zoom" that debuted in 2000 is part of the campaign.

The first commercial takes viewers on a sentimental rite-of-passage as a young man gets his driver license, heads off to college, gets married, has a family and buys a new MX-5 Miata in middle age.

The ad features an older MX-5 Miata convertible, a Mazda 3 and CX-5 crossover.

"Through the Driving Matters campaign, consumers will get a glimpse at why driving matters so much to Mazda and why we obsess over every detail in designing our cars," said Russell Wager, vice president of marketing at Mazda North America Operations.

The campaign will also give Mazda, a relatively small player in the U.S. auto industry, better exposure against more mainstream competitors, including the Ford Escape, Ford Focus, Honda Civic, Honda CR-V and Volkswagen Golf GTI.

Edmunds says: Mazda takes a stand for driving as consumers are on the cusp of the era of self-driving cars. The campaign strikes a universal chord and should resonate well with shoppers.

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