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2015 Ford Mustang Revealed in Latest Spy Photos

Just the Facts:
  • New spy photos uncover perhaps the best details yet of the styling for the redesigned 2015 Ford Mustang.
  • The new look is more reflective of Ford's current corporate styling theme.
  • The nearly undisguised front end of the prototype reveals a strong influence from Ford's 2011 Evos concept car, a vehicle many believed to be an early indicator of the 2015 Mustang's styling direction.

DETROIT — New spy photos reveal the best details yet of the styling for the redesigned 2015 Ford Mustang. Caught during testing at a racetrack, these Mustang prototypes were stripped of almost all the heavy camouflage engineers have so far diligently kept in place in order to gain maximum data about the cooling potential and aerodynamic nuances of the next-generation Mustang's front fascia, headlights and grille.

Although the shape of the prototype Mustang's grille opening is similar to the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show's Evos concept car — the radical gullwing four-seater many at the time speculated was Ford's first clue as to the styling direction for the 2015 Mustang — the concept car's smooth lines apparently give way to a huskier treatment for the production Mustang as Ford stylists attempt to blend the modernity of the company's latest "Kinetic" design language with established muscle-car design cues.

With black tape obscuring the engineering details of the new Mustang's headlights, their shape and placement is nonetheless quite visible. Not as long and slit-like as those on the Evos concept car, the headlights appear more in line with Ford's current Fusion sedan with a seemingly adequate degree of Mustang essence.

Meanwhile, the grille opening sweeps back into what appears to be a highly detailed and complex hood, with a prominent "shelf" stretching back from the headlights. There is a prominent hood bulge highlighted by sharply chiseled elements along its edge. There also is evidence of two panels on the hood outside of the central bulge that could be vents or some other design detailing.

Although the prototype's styling from the A-pillar rearward remains heavily disguised, the photos do reveal some extra information. The chiseled front diffuser blends into sharply creased side sills, a design element that should add genuine definition to the 2015 Mustang's lower body sides. The side sills continue to the rear bumper, ultimately framing the car's dual round exhaust tips on each side. There also appears to be evidence of a sharp character line running along the new Mustang's beltline and blending into the front fender somewhere near the top of the wheelwell.

The Mustang's new styling will come with other innovations that include a significant degree of weight cutting. We already know the 2015 Mustang is targeted to drop more than 400 pounds and will be markedly shorter and narrower than today's Mustang.

Edmunds says: Looks like Ford is willing to forego a little tradition in order to transform the Mustang into a modern performance coupe.

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