Edmunds.com NHTSA Complaints Activity Report Categories

Edmunds.com NHTSA Complaints Activity Report Categories

Airbags and Seatbelts
Complaints related to the functioning of airbags and seatbelts. Examples include: air bags that don't deploy when expected, air bags that deploy on their own, seatbelt retractor or buckle difficulties.

Body and Glass
These complaint reports include mechanical faults related to the integrity of body panels or problems with external systems such as windshield wipers, doors or cargo hatch operation. Concerns with design factors such as outward visibility and blind spots are also included.

Complaints related to issues that occur when braking, such as: pull left or right, brake lock-up, high or low pedal effort, long pedal travel, reduced braking effectiveness, noise and vibration, and warning lights associated with the brake system.

Chassis suspension and axles
Complaints in this category describe symptoms related to a car's suspension, not including steering, but including symptoms like suspension noise and/or vibration, suspension breakage, separation of a tire and wheel from the vehicle, stability/traction control malfunction or warning lights.

Exterior Lighting
Includes complaints dealing with the operation of headlights, turn signals, brake lights, any other exterior lighting or their associated control systems. Examples include: one or both headlights fail prematurely, loss of tail or brake lights.

Fuel/Emission/Exhaust System
These complaints involve a vehicle's fuel, emissions or exhaust system. Examples include: gas gauge malfunction, fuel tank overflow, fuel tank leakage, fuel or exhaust smell, fire, etc.

Interior Electronics/Hardware
Concerns with interior electronics or interior hardware components such as interior door locks, power accessories, heating and ventilation systems, keyless entry systems or a loss of electrical power.

This category includes complaints associated with a car's engine, transmission or driveline. Symptoms reported here are generally dynamic issues such as unintended acceleration, improper shifting, engine surge or hesitation. Other complaints such as stalling, overheating, failure to start and fluid leaks may also be included.

These complaints describe problems with steering a vehicle, such as: drift or pull to one side when driving straight, loss of steering response, loss of power assist/high effort, unusual noise and/or vibration that occurs while steering, steering that sticks or freezes.

Wheels and Tires
Complaints filed here relate to wheel and tire problems such as tread separation, valve stem leaks or rim failures, but they can also include problems with tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) or difficulties with the spare tire and jack.