EV Drivers Angry At GM, Again

By John O'Dell August 25, 2011

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General Motors's insistence that a new California law regulating public electric vehicle-charger use require the cars to be connected to the charger and that plug-in hybrids be given equal access at all times has rekindled suspicion and outright GM-bashing by some in the battery-electric vehicle community. It was this same community that GM ticked off when it recalled and then crushed the electric EV1. Here are some comments culled from a lengthy message string on the MyNissanLeaf.com EV driver's forum:

"EricBayArea" just doesn't think plug-ins (PHEVs) like the Chevrolet Volt should be allowed to use public chargers:
I feel that charging stalls should be for EVs only - not PHEVs. In short, if PHEVs are allowed to use the stalls then this just prolongs what I feel is society’s evolution of using more EVs because range anxiety will still exist…Should the infrastructure become more commonplace in the future, then opening up its use to PHEVs would make more sense - but not at this time.

"GregH" also thinks PHEVs should not be equal to EVs in the charger access hierarchy and worries about battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) being "Volted," or denied a charging space because it is occupied by a PHEV:
I have mixed feelings on PHEVs using the public chargers..Yes every mile that could be electric, should be...But these people don't NEED a charge the way a stranded EV driver might (not that I haven't used public infrastructure when I didn't need it from time to time). But it will be a sad day when a Leaf, I-Miev or Focus EV driver gets "Volted"…I don't know of any Volts being unplugged by EVs, but if I NEEDED a charge, I wouldn't hesitate for a second to unplug a Volt.

"Yanquetino" is angry with General Motors:
Shame on GM for pulling a fast one like this! Makes me secretly wish that their exec's own Volts are routinely uplugged - and then towed.

"thankyouBob" thinks that by eliminating the requirement of special parking stickers for public EV charger use, the law, AB475, will cause problems as the number of makes and models grows:
You cannot expect parking attendants or even police officers to recognize every EV or plug-iin hybrid, distinguishing them from other hybrids or cars.

And "TEG" offers a solution:
It would be good if we found some way to encourage vehicles that are full to "move on" to a non-charging spot so that a vehicle really needing a charge could take its' place. You can tell from the lights on top of a Leaf dashboard that it is still charging. Is there an easy way to externally tell when a Volt is actively charging? Perhaps the charging stations should be like a parking meter. When it stops providing charge to the vehicle, a timer starts and the EV owner better get over and move their vehicle before it switches to a red flag. Perhaps towing for ICE vehicles having no business there, and parking tickets for plug-in vehicles that overstay their welcome?

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