GM Says Chevrolet Cruze Is on Track in Terms of Sales

By Michelle Krebs November 3, 2010

2011 Chevrolet Cruze - 218.JPG

General Motors executives said the just launched Chevrolet Cruze is on track to outsell the Chevrolet Cobalt it replaces.

In October, the first full month of sales of GM's all-important new small car, Chevy dealers sold 5,048 units of the Cruze; roughly the same number of Cobalts GM sold a year ago.

The Cruze, built in Lordstown, Ohio, eventually is expected to outsell the Cobalt. Inventory is ramping up to the point that GM says it has a good supply.

However, data says otherwise, which is not a bad thing. The average time from a Cruze being delivered to a dealership and driven away by a paying customer is a mere eight days; the industry average is 50.

GM executives said early demographic data on the Cruze shows a higher percentage of young people and women are buying the car than bought the Cobalt it replaced.

About 22 percent of the early buyers were age 16 to 35 years old. More than 50 percent of early buyers were women.

While no official trade-in data is available, Chevy dealers report to GM that the Cruze is attracting Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla owners.

Chevy has a way to go to match Cruze sales to Civic and Corolla sales. In 2009, Toyota sold 252,389 Corollas; Honda sold 244,603 Civics, according to data. GM, meantime, sold 104,724 Cobalts last year.


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