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Young Automotive Group Puts a Premium on Togetherness

LOGAN, UtahYoung Automotive Group sells 12 brands across nine dealerships in northern Utah, but this is one dealer that puts a premium on keeping all employees together. With events like a big Christmas dinner and an all-group outing to a monster truck rally, Young Automotive builds togetherness among its huge staff, currently numbering about 600 employees.

The latest plan: everybody got two free tickets to go to a football game for nearby Weber State University on Saturday, November 15. In fact, the tickets are Weber State's way of showing gratitude for the dealer's support over the years. Sales Director Oliver Young told Edmunds, "This connects us to our local university, and at the same time, they're saying 'thank you' for the many sponsorship opportunities Young Automotive has taken over the years."

These include the donation of a trailer and signage at football and basketball venues.

Young Automotive also operates a racetrack, Rocky Mountain Raceways, and in August the dealer invited employees and families to a monster truck show. A total of 1,400 attended, taking up a big chunk of the 5,000-seat arena.

"All the employees got T-shirts," Young said. "Their kids got T-shirts, water bottles, and a backpack. We set up a bunch of tents for dinner."

These events, he said, "help us connect all of our dealerships together, and our employees just have a good time."

Young told Edmunds that the dealer, which has operated since 1924 and is in its fifth generation as a family-owned business, sees the importance of "developing relationships across dealerships and across departments, so we're a more cohesive team."

The Young Automotive Group includes dealerships selling Chevrolet, Buick-GMC, Kia, Ford, Subaru, Toyota and Honda, and Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram products.

Edmunds says: Building morale on a big scale is something this dealer has been practicing since 1924.

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