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Future Seating and Storage Innovations Designed To Please Car Shoppers

DETROIT — Fussy car shoppers want better bins for stashing sunglasses and improved second-row seats. They're on the way, one supplier told Edmunds at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show.

Johnson Controls has perfected storage of sunglasses with its Vertical Sunglass Bin. A study called Stuff in Cars, which was conducted by the supplier last summer, found that sunglasses ranked the first worldwide as the most important item that drivers want stowed within easy reach.

The new bin opens easily with a drop-down motion and is bigger than most on the market today.

The study also found that sensible storage for smartphones and GPS units is a critical need.

In response, the company's Loft Seat was designed with a number of useful storage features, including fold-flat seatbacks to make room for larger items, configurable hidden storage underneath to provide increased security for purses and laptop computers and a "Connectivity Console" that not only offers storage but also wireless charging, USB ports and unique telescoping cupholders.

"Nearly everything in the Loft Seat is ready for production," Thomas Gould, North America director of industrial design, research and craftsmanship for Johnson Controls, told Edmunds. "All features can be available in two to three years for new production vehicles and possibly sooner if applied to a mid-cycle enhancement on a vehicle line."

No word yet on which cars and trucks will feature the innovations.

The Detroit auto show runs until January 25.

Edmunds says: Car shoppers speak and suppliers like Johnson Controls are listening.

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