Big Boost for Hyundai, Audi From Super Bowl Ads

By Michelle Krebs February 8, 2010

Commercials during the Super Bowl are the Gucci handbags of the advertising world: everyone knows they're expensive -- but do you even remotely get your money's worth?

A couple of automakers just might have.

Hyundai Super Bowl ads Brett Favre - 240.JPGAlthough, parent of, can't answer for other industries, Edmunds data indicate the big-dollar Super Bowl commercials by Hyundai Motor America Inc. and Audi of America Inc. seem to have connected. Both companies enjoyed outsized spikes in consideration on Sunday after their ads appeared during what is called the most-watched single sporting event on the planet.

Hyundai came out swinging with multiple runs of commercials for its coming 2011 Hyundai Sonata and a commercial starring Brett Favre promoting Hyundai's warranty. measured a giant 594-percent increase in consideration compared with an average Sunday in January.

Audi's "Green Police" commercial highlighting the diesel-powered A3 TDI was critically well-received, but the costly commercial also delivered a 165-percent jump in the model's consideration on Sunday. The A8 and Q5 hybrid got a spillover effect. A8 traffic was up 127 percent; Q5 Hybrid traffic rose 64 percent.

"Consideration" measures an website visitor's interest in a vehicle as indicated by navigation to pages of content specific to that vehicle (such as reviews, videos and photos.) Company research analysts say consideration is a good metric for gauging marketing effectiveness.

Consideration of a brand or model is the first step toward purchase intent, but not everyone counted in consideration metrics is currently in the market to buy a vehicle.

Spotlight Extends Throughout the Lineup

Other Hyundai and Audi vehicles basked in a spillover effect from the Sonata and A3 TDI Super Bowl commercials, too. analysts said consideration for Hyundai's new Tucson jumped 123 percent and consideration for the Genesis increased 72 percent.

For Audi, the A8 flagship saw a 127 percent spike in consideration and traffic for the Q5 hybrid (not yet on sale) also increased by 64 percent, likely because of the environmental theme of Audi's "Green Police" commercial.

Kia Motors America -- sister brand to Hyundai and part of the Hyundai Group -- also got a boost from its Super Bowl commercial for the Sorento crossover titled "Joy Ride." Consideration for the Sorento leaped 142 percent on Super Bowl Sunday.

And Volkswagen's GTI and Touareg had respective consideration increases of 73 percent and 62 percent after an offbeat, make-level Super Bowl commercial titled "Punch Dub" aired.

Automakers that ran Super Bowl commercials but didn't get such lofty paybacks included Honda Motor Co. Ltd., which saw a 48 percent increase in consideration after airing its commercial for the Accord Crosstour. Honda's upmarket Acura division netted a 4 percent increase in consideration after running a spot for its new ZDX crossover in some markets but not nationally.

And despite a humorous and enjoyable ad for the Dodge Charger, Chrysler LLC didn't get much return on its Super Bowl investment: consideration was up just 26 percent after Dodge's "Man's Last Stand" commercial. -- Bill Visnic, senior editor

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