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Toyota of Bowling Green's Kinny Landrum Uses Personal Branding To Boost Sales

BOWLING GREEN, Kentucky Toyota of Bowling Green is getting its name out to car shoppers thanks to employee Kinny Landrum, who's become passionate about personal branding online and throughout social media.

Landrum, who wears many hats at the dealership, including salesperson, backup F&I manager, Internet department associate and social-media helper, has carved out his own presence in the auto industry.

He's created a Web site,, and a weekly radio program on YouTube, "The Kinny Landrum Show," with local radio personality Tony Rose.

He's also on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and publicizes his cell number to encourage people to call him.

He tries to differentiate himself in unusual ways. He took vacation time recently to become certified to check the installation of child car seats, a benefit to car shoppers with small children.

He's also taken it upon himself to organize a free car seat safety check on June 13 at the local fire department.

Since he began this personal-branding journey in August 2014 after reading an article about Montana saleswoman Laura Madison's innovative methods on Edmunds, Landrum has gotten more referrals than he ever has in his 20-year sales career, he told Edmunds.

He's also starting to be recognized, with people calling him The Kinny Landrum, or simply The, which is part of his branding to differentiate himself from a musician with his identical name.

"Customers have a choice as to where they want to do business and I want to be top on the mind," Landrum said.

Landrum believes Toyota of Bowling Green benefits from his branding because he's helping the dealership grow its business.

"I've discovered a new set of tools that I never used before to be better at my job and be better at what I love to do," he said.

Edmunds says: A go-getter has turned himself into a local celebrity to increase sales at this innovative dealership.

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