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Sony Reveals X2014 Concept for Gran Turismo 6

Just the Facts:
  • Sony has unveiled the Gran Turismo 6 Red Bull X2014 concept.
  • The vehicle is dubbed the "ultimate racecar."
  • Gran Turismo 6 hits store shelves on December 6.

RONDA, Spain — Sony unveiled the Gran Turismo 6 Red Bull X2014 concept at its two-day launch event that showcased some of the 1,000 cars in the video game.

Dubbed the "ultimate racecar," the racer will come in three editions: the Red Bull X2014 Fan car (X2014/F), the Red Bull X2014 Standard car (X2014/S) and the Red Bull X2014 Junior car (X2014/J).

The concept was designed by Adrian Newey, the chief technical officer for four-time Formula 1 champion Red Bull Racing. The X2014 is a new take on a similar virtual vehicle created by Newey for the video game franchise in 2010.

The previous edition, the X2010 fan concept from Gran Turismo 5, created 1,557 horsepower from a twin-turbo V6 and topped out at more than 280 mph. It featured a large fan at the rear end that lowered the air pressure under the car's floor to create downforce and keep the car pasted to the tarmac.

The X2014 only exists in a digital form, as it would be difficult for a human to drive a vehicle that exhibits maximum lateral G-forces exceeding 8g.

BMW, Mercedes and other automakers have also rendered concept models for the game that will never hit the pavement in real life.

Sony and Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo 6 hits shelves internationally on December 6.

Edmunds says: An insane vehicle that will be a virtual thrill in GT6.

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