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Myrtle Beach Kia Rewards Customers for Referrals

MYRTLE BEACH, South Carolina Myrtle Beach Kia is paying $100 to each customer who refers them to a car-buying friend.

The Send Me a Friend program helps the dealership to grow its customer leads, social media base and reputation, General Manager Dan McColl told Edmunds.

"We look at it as a way to sell more cars without raising our expenses much," McColl said.

When a customer buys a car, the salesperson asks him or her to sign up for the online program. He or she may add the names of friends who may be in the market for new transportation soon. Once the referral takes delivery on a new ride, the dealership will contact the original customer and pay $100.

"It takes about three minutes to set up, so it's a very easy process to help someone earn $100," McColl said.

While the dealership has had the program for about a year, only in the past three months has the sales team been actively promoting it, McColl said.

McColl's team posts photos of the winners on its Facebook page, tagging the winner, which is visible by that person's friends.

"With social media, you can touch thousands of people who might not have known about Myrtle Beach Kia," McColl said.

Edmunds says: This reward program benefits the customer and the dealer.

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