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Jenkins & Wynne Ford, Lincoln, Honda Makes Play a Priority

CLARKSVILLE, Tennessee Jenkins & Wynne Ford, Lincoln, Honda is putting the emphasis on play at its new 42-acre location.

The dealership added a playscape between its Ford and Honda buildings when it opened its new location in late February, tripling the size of its original facility, a Tennessee staple since 1953.

The playscape is in constant use and has become a conversation starter, said Casey Jenkins, who wears many hats as a third-generation dealership employee, even conceiving the idea to add the 48-foot-by-36-foot outdoor play area.

She was approached last week at her daughter's school by a first-grader about how excited she was to play on the jungle gym and its park benches, made from the same mold as the benches for the 1939 World's Fair in New York City.

"It's very rare that I don't see someone in it," Jenkins told Edmunds. "Even on Sunday, when the dealership is closed, I'll notice families there."

While she figured the children of employees would get the most out of it, she's seen "kids of all sizes" using it, Jenkins said.

"We have it triple padded, so even adults are enjoying it, with some of them doing yoga in it," she said.

Jenkins finds car shoppers appreciate being able to get fresh air and de-stress when making a buying decision.

"It warms our hearts that the community has been so receptive to our creativity," Jenkins added.

Edmunds says: A children's playground not only attracts families, but it also creates a low-stress environment for car buyers.

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