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Infiniti Dealers Speed Up Car-Buying Process With New App

NASHVILLE, Tennessee Infiniti dealers are aiming to streamline and improve the car-buying process for luxury customers with the help of ICAR-X, a new sales-and-service app.

The acronym is short for Infiniti Client Acquisition and Retention Experience.

"ICAR-X is designed to minimize known client 'pain points,' system redundancies and significantly speed up the car-buying process, thereby improving client satisfaction and the overall experience," said Infiniti, Nissan's upscale brand, in a statement on Thursday.

The tablet-based app will help with vehicle selection, test-drives, financial transactions and owner services, among other things.

For example, when a prospective customer arrives at the dealership, a sales consultant can use ICAR-X to review the client's pre-selected vehicle interests and preferences.

Once a client decides on a vehicle, ICAR-X lets them submit their credit application, review financing and leasing options and begin negotiating a deal electronically in real time with the dealer's sales representative.

The idea is to shave some time off the process. It typically takes a car shopper about 4.5 hours to buy a vehicle in the U.S., according to industry statistics.

The app also sends the new owner vehicle tutorials and information about their vehicle "long after the buying process is over," Infiniti said.

Infiniti competes with a long list of luxury brands, including Cadillac, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz.

Edmunds says: Luxury shoppers will make the most of their time at Infiniti dealerships, thanks to this new software tool.

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