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Honda Stage Opens a New Channel to Younger Car Shoppers

Just the Facts:
  • Honda has invested millions of dollars in Honda Stage, a multiplatform music program designed to reach younger car shoppers.
  • The heart of Honda Stage is a YouTube channel that will feature videos, interviews, news and live performances.
  • Other components of the program include original content distributed through multiple channels, live concerts, festival sponsorships and expanded Honda Civic Tours.

TORRANCE, California — As part of its ongoing effort to reach younger car shoppers, Honda is spending millions of dollars to create Honda Stage, a multiplatform music program.

The heart of Honda Stage is a YouTube channel that will feature hundreds of videos, as well as interviews, music news and live performances. But Honda says the entire initiative will also include content distributed through multiple music channels, dozens of live concert events, festival sponsorships and expanded nationwide Honda Civic Tours.

To coalesce the strategy, Honda has entered into agreements with concert promoter Live Nation, Clear Channel radio, the Revolt TV network and Vevo, a video hosting service. Together with YouTube, the team will take Honda's vision to the Millennial generation.

Millennials have proven to be a tough nut to crack for advertisers, including automakers. According to a landmark study by market research firm Edelman Berland, 80 percent of the 4,000 Millennials surveyed said they expect brands to "entertain" them. Other studies show that, as a group, they are notoriously resistant to television and print advertising.

So Honda's strategy would seem to be right on the money.

"Breaking through the clutter and reaching younger buyers through traditional advertising is proving more and more difficult in this always-on, digital generation," said Tom Peyton, American Honda's assistant vice president of advertising and marketing, in a statement. "Honda is making an even bigger investment in music than ever before. To bring this type of experience to music lovers, we had to assemble a program from scratch bringing together both live and online elements that can only be found through Honda Stage."

Honda's best-known forays into music sponsorship to date have been the Civic Tours. Now in their 13th year, the Tours have proven to be an effective tool in reaching the youth market, drawing large crowds from coast to coast. This year's Tour will feature Grouplove and Portugal. The Man.

As in the past, the headliners will collaborate on the design of their own custom Honda Civic, which will be displayed at shows on the Tours.

Edmunds says: Honda's smart investment in music is likely to translate into increased showroom traffic.

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