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Frank Ancona Honda's Vintage Rides Are a Hit With Car Shoppers

OLATHE, KansasFrank Ancona Honda is using the past to help sell current Honda Accords, Civics and Odysseys.

The dealership pulled vintage Honda vehicles it had in storage and added them to the showroom, including a little green 1971 Honda 600 Coupe, along with several motorcycles and scooters.

"They're a conversation piece," Michael Ancona, the dealership's president and a second-generation owner, told Edmunds. "People love to talk about them and kids really love them."

They also illustrate how Honda has progressed through the years, Ancona noted, particularly its emphasis on consumer safety.

Ancona got the idea to display them after going to Japan on a Honda tour geared toward second- and third-generation dealership owners who were schooled in Honda's rich history.

He visited several museums and took four tours in eight days to learn the complete Honda story.

Now he's actively looking for other vintage Hondas to add to his collection.

"It was interesting to see how dedicated the workers are to achieving the same goals, making cars right and keeping the customer happy with the best customer service," Ancona said.

Edmunds says: A dealership that knows how to mine its rich history strikes an appreciative chord with consumers.

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