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Donaldsons Volkswagen Subaru Sponsors Mobile Pet Appreciation and Adoption Program

SAYVILLE, New York Donaldsons Volkswagen Subaru dealership will take a pair of 2016 Subaru Foresters and a Subaru Outback throughout Long Island February 11-12 to transport puppies and kittens to a meet-and-greet that's intended to help people de-stress as well as to find potential adopters.

Cuddle Dispatch, an outreach program for the Bideawee animal shelter, visits pre-registered companies for either 15 minutes or 30 to give employees a stress break, letting them pet, cuddle and interact with the dogs or cats and to see if there might be a person willing to adopt one of the animals. 

To schedule a visit from Cuddle Dispatch, the company donates $50 or $100, depending on the time slot. That money funds visits to schools and special-needs programs.

Donaldsons is the main sponsor of Cuddle Dispatch, providing the SUVs, magnetic signs for the transportation and some manpower for the event, Steven Fulco, general manager of sales operations, told Edmunds.

"We did this before Christmas and I was a driver and a volunteer," Fulco said. "It sure made us feel good to help."

Fulco said it also gave the dealership "great exposure" by being aligned with such a feel-good event.

Donaldsons got involved in the outreach program after hosting a pair of Bideawee pet adoptions at the dealership in 2015, where the dealership paid for the adoption fees.

"We held the first one on a Sunday and had about five animals that got adopted and we also sold eight cars that day," Fulco said. "That's a huge success."

Edmunds says:  A pet project that helps the bottom line.

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