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Broadway Automotive To Pay Admission Fees at National Railroad Museum

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin Broadway Automotive is giving back to its community by hosting a free admission day at the National Railroad Museum on July 19.

The special offer is a way for the dealership, which sells Ford, Chevrolet, Volkswagen and Hyundai vehicles, to celebrate its 100th year.

Patrons will see a variety of artifacts and interactive exhibits from the history of the railroad in Green Bay and across the county, including full train cars. Free admission includes an optional train ride.

"We see our anniversary as an opportunity to put the spotlight on transportation," Dana Kohlbeck, marketing director for Broadway, told Edmunds.

Broadway will bring several cars and trucks to display as well, including a 2016 F-150, Chevy Cruze and a Hyundai Tucson.

"If we have any 2017 vehicles in stock at the time, we'll bring those as well," Kohlbeck said.

The dealership provided a similar free entry into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame Museum in the spring.

More than 3,000 showed up on a weekday for a tour, she said.

"Not only are we celebrating our 100 years in the community but we're looking forward to our future and at the same time, putting the spotlight on our community," Kohlbeck said.

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