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Bob Hall Dealerships Host Children's Contest To Boost Community Improvements

YAKIMA, Washington Bob Hall Dealerships is asking children how it should donate $20,000 to the local community.

The Change Is Good contest sought project ideas from pre-K to 5th grade children on how to improve the Washington suburb. They could submit the idea as an individual, classroom, sports team, Scout group or any other organization.

Jaclyn Midkiff, owner of the dealer group that includes Sunfair Chevrolet, Bob Hall's Honda and Bob Hall's Mazda, has spent a month considering the 30 submissions she received from 760 kids, the majority of whom suggested building playgrounds. She will announce the winner or winners Sunday, May 3 at a nearby park.

"We chose to gear the contest to the younger age group because kids are open minded and that allows them to think outside the box on how to impact the community," Midkiff told Edmunds.

The contest is not about selling cars, she pointed out, or they would have targeted the high-school set or hosted the party in the showroom, but she believes it helps move metal. Customers frequently thank her for the dealership group's generosity.

"It really is a way of improving the community we live and work in," she said.

The title of the contest is a continuation of a campaign the dealership launched last December as owner Bob Hall handed the reins over to his daughter, Midkiff, and her husband, Jason.

"We want our existing customers and our future customers to know that change is good," Midkiff said.

Edmunds says: Change is good when thinking outside the box helps a local community.

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