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2016 Honda HR-V Ad Campaign Aims for the Sweet Spot

TORRANCE, California — The 2016 Honda HR-V subcompact SUV, a new entry in a growing segment, is taking on competitors with a new advertising campaign that hopes to hit the "sweet spot" for car shoppers.

The HR-V, which arrived at Honda dealerships last month, targets the Chevrolet Trax, Jeep Renegade, Mazda CX-3 and Nissan Juke.

The new ad campaign uses humor and nostalgia to attract consumers.

The first TV spot, "Give and Take," takes more than 30 seconds to get to the actual vehicle. It starts out by showing people's faces being stretched and pulled to express the point that it's "difficult to get everything just the way you want it," Honda said in a statement on Monday.

The point is that the HR-V has found the "no-compromise sweet spot where everything is perfect."

The second TV spot is dubbed "Great Thinking Inside." It features previous Honda vehicles, including the Honda Prelude, del Sol and Element to show "how one good idea leads to another."

"The vehicles in 'Great Thinking Inside' are iconic Honda models that demonstrate our evolution of thinking," said Jeff Conrad, senior vice president and general manager of Honda Automobile Division of American Honda Motor Co.

The HR-V starts at $19,995, including an $880 destination charge.

Edmunds says: Car shoppers get introduced to the new 2016 Honda HR-V courtesy of a walk down memory lane and an ad that uses funny faces to make a point.

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