China Said to Be Planning 10M EV Charging Stations by 2020

By Scott Doggett January 14, 2011

ChinaFlagGreenCars-400x267.jpgDespite recent reports that Chinese automakers have scaled back their electric-vehicle efforts in the face of weak consumer interest, Beijing is said to be working up a plan to install at least 10 million EV chargers around China by 2020.

Lack of an EV infrastructure, combined with the amount of time required to charge a battery-electric vehicle, are two of the major problems facing widespread adoption of the plug-in vehicles worldwide.

"The government is working on a plan - and I think it will be announced very, very soon - and is basically calling for having, in 10 years, electric car parks of 10 million (units) or above," Wang Dazong, president of Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co (BAIC), told an industry conference on the sidelines of the Detroit auto show.

China's Minister of Science and Technology was quoted by state-owned Xinhua news agency in October as saying the country's production of electric vehicles could reach 1 million units by 2020, when many expect a total new-vehicle market of 40 million.

But despite financial incentives in many Chinese cities to purchase electric vehicles - worth up to $18,170 per vehicle in some cases - the public has thus far been extremely reluctant to buy them.

That hasn't stopped General Motors, Volkswagen, BAIC and Geely from planning to tap what its hopes will someday soon be a giant Chinese EV market.

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