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Tesla Motors Rolls Out New Service Policy

PALO ALTO, California Tesla Motors on Wednesday said it is making a "significant change" to its service policy and will now tow its customers' cars for up to 500 miles to its nearest service center in North America.

Previously, Tesla covered towing costs for up to 50 miles for cars under warranty.

"While nearly 93 percent of owners are within the 50-mile tow radius to the nearest Tesla Service Center, we want to ensure all Tesla owners are receiving the best service, regardless of location," the company said in a statement provided to Edmunds. "Our confidence in the reliability of our vehicles and dedication to providing the best ownership experience in the industry made this change possible."

The policy covers the Tesla Model S electric sedan, Tesla Model X electric SUV and upcoming Tesla Model 3 electric sedan.

Tesla noted that many Model S and Model X over-the-air software updates "allow Tesla to diagnose and fix most bugs without the need to come in for service."

It added: "In instances when hardware needs to be fixed, we keep the customer's convenience and satisfaction top of mind."

Tesla also offers 24-hour service, pickup and delivery and free loaner cars.

Tesla is offering other enticements for car shoppers. A new limited-time deal on the Model S allows customers to lease the car for $698 a month, but they must take delivery by the end of March.

Key Model S competitors include the BMW ActiveHybrid 7, Lexus LS 600h L and Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid.

The Model X takes on the BMW X6, Land Rover Range Rover Sport and Porsche Cayenne.

Edmunds says: Tesla goes more than the extra mile with its new service policy.

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