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Edmunds Express Builds Trust With Dealers, Car Shoppers

SANTA MONICA, California — Edmunds.com has launched a new customized tool for car dealers called Edmunds Express that is designed to build trust with customers and close deals more quickly.

The product, which was designed with direct input from dealers, allows them to quickly validate pricing and information on all of their inventory for potential car buyers who appreciate third-party validation.

Edmunds Express gives dealers access to Edmunds' True Market Value (TMV)® reports directly from a salesperson's desktop.

Dealers can access a specific vehicle in stock and share its specs and information, including the TMV price and currently available incentives.

The report can be shared electronically or in person with shoppers to confirm that a dealer's offer is, in fact, a fair deal.

"Our dealer partners told us that they love using the data on our site because their customers trust our information, but when they're working with buyers on the phone or in person, they quickly need that information without navigating through our website each time," said Edmunds.com President Seth Berkowitz.

"Edmunds Express solves this problem. It's a straightforward sales tool that features Edmunds' most relevant pricing and data so that both dealers and shoppers can proceed with an easy, productive transaction."

Edmunds says: This invaluable new tool helps a dealer save time and close deals faster, along with building trust with car shoppers.

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