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Sewell Lexus of Fort Worth Arranges Birthday Surprise for Customer

FORT WORTH, Texas — A steak dinner and the special delivery of a 2015 Lexus NX were part of the service experience at Sewell Lexus of Fort Worth for one lucky couple.

The dealership won over customer Mark Buckner of Rio Vista, Texas, when Sales Experience Manager Jared Albarano helped surprise Buckner's wife, Diane, with a 2015 NX for her birthday.

Buckner had delayed buying the car for her on his first visit to the dealership.

"Mark had mentioned it would be his first time buying a luxury vehicle and he was hesitant about it," Albarano told Edmunds. "He had also mentioned that his wife's birthday was coming up."

After several phone calls, the duo hammered out a deal and Albarano, now at Park Place Lexus Grapevine, had a final suggestion.

As a thank you, he wanted to treat the couple to a birthday dinner at Del Frisco's steakhouse.

To make the evening even more special, he arranged to have the valet switch out the truck the Buckners arrived in with the new NX, complete with a giant red bow.

Buckner invited eight friends to join them for the meal. They all applauded as the car pulled up..

"I can say that I've never had such a good car-buying experience," Buckner told Edmunds.

He would buy another car from the dealership again, he said.

"I was shocked and humbled that they would do something so nice to make it such a special experience," Buckner said.

Edmunds says: Tuning into the details can turn an ordinary car delivery into an extraordinary one.

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