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Jaguar To Build More R-S GT Models

Just the Facts:
  • The XKR-S GT is to be the first in a series of extreme Jaguars.
  • The R-S GT line is to be the equivalent of Mercedes' Black Series.
  • The XFR-S is a likely candidate for GT treatment, followed by the F-Type.
  • New R-S and R-S GT badges will be featured on all future models.

NEW YORK — The new XKR-S GT will be the first in a new series of limited-run extreme Jaguars as the company seeks to establish itself in new sectors of the market.

Jaguar's design studio director, Wayne Burgess, told Edmunds that the "GT" nameplate will be reserved for hand-built specials, targeting wealthy enthusiasts and collectors. The GT models will be to Jaguar what the Black Series models are to Mercedes.

From now on, "R" models will top the standard performance range, "R-S" will be used for more extreme enthusiast-focused variants and "R-S GT" will be reserved for extrovert, limited-run, hand-built specials.

Although Burgess wouldn't confirm which models are next in line for the GT treatment, the soon-to-be-launched XFR-S would be an obvious candidate for an upgrade, and the designer admitted that the new F-Type offers "a broad range of opportunities."

The $174,895 XKR-S GT sets the tone for these models. Just 25 examples of the 542-horsepower, track-focused XKR-S GT will initially be built, and all are heading for North America. The aggressively styled coupe also carries a new "R-S" badge. Apparently, Audi complained that the old R-S badge was too close to its own insignia, so Jaguar had to redesign it.

Edmunds' says: Jaguar is determined to go head-to-head with Germany's finest in all sectors of the market.

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