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GM's Ignition Defect Web Site Helps Consumers Navigate the Recall Process

Just the Facts:
  • GM's Ignition Recall Safety Information Web site can be a useful tool for consumers seeking help in navigating the recall process.
  • The site contains important contact information, steps for owners to follow immediately, FAQs, the latest GM releases and other helpful material.
  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has also created a site dedicated to the GM recalls, on which consumers will find additional information.

DETROIT — As the story of millions of GM vehicles recalled for ignition-switch defects continues to unfold, the company's Ignition Recall Safety Information Web site can be an important tool for consumers seeking help in navigating the recall process.

This week the recalls continue, even as GM CEO Mary Barra appeared before Congress for the second time to answer questions about the defective switches, which can turn off a vehicle's engine while being driven.

As reported by Edmunds, the automaker announced Monday that it is recalling 3.36 million cars to replace ignition keys, bringing the total number of recalled vehicles in North America this year to more than 20 million.

GM's dedicated recall site can help vehicle owners sort through the barrage of print, online and broadcast information and decide their best course of action.

As a first step, the site suggests that owners contact their dealer or go to the GM Recall Center to determine if their vehicle is affected. Customers with affected vehicles should contact a dealer immediately to schedule a service appointment.

The site also contains important suggestions about what to do immediately, even before repairs are performed, including removing all items except the key from the key ring. And it points owners to a customer service phone number where they can get more information.

An FAQ page attempts to answer some of the most common questions owners are likely to have, such as: "Which vehicles are involved?" and "Who is eligible for a rental vehicle?"

A section headed Updates provides the latest GM releases on all topics related to the recalls, including the vehicles involved, the status of parts being shipped to dealers and compensation plans for victims of crashes resulting from the defects.

Videos feature Barra answering questions and addressing various issues related to the recalls.

A counter on the first page of the site keeps a running tally of the number of vehicles that have been repaired to date. The most recent count: 199,457.

Meanwhile, the National Highway Transportation Administration, which calls the GM ignition-switch recalls "a serious safety issue," has set up its own Web site dedicated to the subject.

There, consumers will find a variety of useful information, including comprehensive lists of recalled vehicles, contact information for affected GM brands and links to other sites containing helpful tools and data.

Edmunds says: In a case of this magnitude, consumers need all the information they can get, and GM's Web site can be a good starting point.

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