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GM To Compensate Owners of 2016 SUVs With Incorrect Fuel Economy Estimates

DETROIT — General Motors will offer compensation to owners of the 2016 Buick Enclave, Chevrolet Traverse and GMC Acadia SUVs that were delivered with incorrect window stickers that show overstated fuel economy ratings.

Approximately 135,000 retail consumers will be offered a pre-paid debit card worth $450 to $1,500. The average value will range from $450 to $900.

Dealers were notified of the plan on Friday. Customer letters will be sent via FedEx starting on May 25.

"We want all of our customers to have a great ownership experience, so we designed this reimbursement program to provide full and fair compensation in a simple, flexible and timely manner," GM spokesman Jim Cain told Edmunds on Saturday.

GM said the plan is designed to reimburse customers who may pay more for fuel than they expected after viewing the incorrect window label when they purchased or leased their vehicle.

Purchase customers will receive either a pre-paid debit card or a 48-month/60,000-mile protection plan. The protection-plan option is for high-mileage customers and those who plan to keep their vehicle for an extended period of time.

Lease customers will be offered the pre-paid debit card.

"The reimbursement is based on the same assumptions used in the EPA formula on the window label to calculate expected future fuel costs: a fuel price of $3 per gallon and 15,000 miles of annual driving for five years," GM said in a statement.

GM issued a stop-sale order on the SUVs earlier this month because of what it called an "inadvertent error" that affected the fuel economy information labels. The fuel economy labels were overstated by 1-2 mpg.

The Detroit automaker said new emissions-related hardware in the SUVs required GM to conduct new emissions testing.

"That data was not captured in calculations made for EPA fuel economy labels and caused fuel-economy numbers to be overstated," GM said.

Edmunds says: GM quickly works to make things right for owners of these 2016 SUVs.

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